Product Detail
Sodium isopropyl xanthate

Sodium isopropyl xanthate

Brand: WNN
CAS NO.: 140-93-2
Specification: pellets or powder
Packing: 120kg/iron drum or 900kg/wooden box
Other name: SIPX

Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate
Major component: Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate
Appearance:Pale yellow to grey yellow free-flowing powder or pellet,soluble in water. sodium carbonate, pungent odor.
Application:It has a wide range of uses in the flotation of metal sulphides,sulphidised ores.It may also be used as a vulcanisation accelerator for the rubber industry and a precipitant in the wetting metallurgical industry.

Principal uses: Butyl xanthate flotation of potassium is a strong flotation reagent, which is widely used mixture of various non-ferrous sulfide ore flotation. The product is especially suitable for chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite flotation. Under certain conditions, can be used from sulphide mine iron ore in flotation sulfide can also be used floating activation of the sphalerite sulfate.




Xanthate pruity %min.


Free alkali %max.


Moisture & volatile %max.


Packaging:120kg head drum (powder and pellet ) or 800-850kg wooden box (pellet only).
Storage:This material should be stored in a cool dry well-ventilated area,it should be protected from heat,water or moisture.

Remark: For parties with special needs, according to the technical specifications stipulated in the agreement or packaging specifications.

Notes: To avoid the rain, sunshine and fireworks. Avoid using strong acidic range, to prevent decomposition. Dosing should open the package object or away from any heat source of ignition. Used to wear goggles and gas mask, to avoid skin contact with eyes and mouth. If a similar situation occurs, use a large number of requests water for 15 minutes.